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ATN-YEAH: The Network’s National Community Advisory Board

Members of the ATN-YEAH meet in Washington, DCThe ATN National Community Advisory Board, called Youth Experts and Advocates for Health, or ATN-YEAH, is made up of 12 representatives ages 18-24 from around the US. ATN-YEAH was formed in the spring of 2018 and first met face-to-face in April 2018. Read about their first face-to-face meeting here.

These young people are interested in youth HIV prevention and care for youth living with HIV. Each member is a representative from one of the ATN’s program projects, whether a part of iTech, Scale It Up, or CARES, or they may be involved with the studies conducted by the ATN Coordinating Center. Some are members of local ATN Community Advisory Boards in cities where participants are recruited. Members may serve a term of two years, with some serving up to two and a half years, so new members are rotated in using a staggered schedule.

Angulique Outlaw, a member of the Scale It Up Management Core and Associate Professor in the department of Family Medicine and Public Health Services at Wayne State University, is the network’s ATN-YEAH’s Representative Liaison.

ATN's planning committee: Lydia Ahlum Hanson, Manny Ocasio, Nicole Blanton, and Angulique Outlaw
ATN-YEAH planning committee: Lydia Ahlum Hanson, Manny Ocasio, Nicole Blanton, and Angulique Outlaw

The Role of ATN-YEAH

The ATN-YEAH provides expertise, consultation, and advice to the ATN. The group makes sure that the ATN’s research agenda addresses the needs of youth. Members also provide feedback on recruitment materials, policies, procedures, and research protocols. They will also serve as liaisons to local ATN-related Community Advisory Boards around the country. The members meet quarterly via virtual meetings, and once a year they meet face-to-face. The face-to-face meeting involves professional development workshops, group discussion, and rapport-building activities.

Videos Featuring ATN-YEAH Members

Maurice Williams, Thriving and Living with HIV

Editorial Articles by ATN-YEAH Members

"Remaining Positive While Positive," by Kendrick D. Forte

"Ways for Youth Living with HIV to be Mentally Healthy, Without Spending a Dime!" By Alejandro "Alex" Fernandez

"National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day" By Manny Segal

Profiles of ATN-YEAH Members:

Taylor Sherlock: Read about Taylor's life passion: working and supporting HIV and AIDS research in any way she can.

JJ Jackson: See how JJ wants to be a catalyst for bigger change for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.