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January 21, 2020 - Who is ATN? In the Community

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Text transcript:

As a trans person myself, I think it's very important to have trans people and gender-nonconforming folks included in things about when they're planning research studies, and giving feedback about research studies, and what they want to hear.

I think my community really needs the extra support, so I'm just super excited to be able to bring this to them.

Sometimes we get bogged down in our own thoughts, and feeling like there's nothing that can help, or like we're alone in it, but this is just saying you're not alone in this. You're not someone that people have forgotten about. We are trying to make a difference.

So, I'm really excited to be able to continue servicing, or being of service to, my community.

We're making a difference, and being a part of that really, really is something cool, and I really enjoy it.

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