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November 16, 2018 - Ways for Youth Living with HIV to be Mentally Healthy, Without Spending a Dime!

By Alejandro "Alex" Fernandez
Member of ATN-YEAH

For youth living with HIV, being healthy is very important. However, sometimes we think that the only health we have to worry about is our physical health. Mental health is vital to our physical health, and thus very important. We’ve all heard that saying “treat yourself,” and here are ways you can do this without having to spend money!

Below are six ways for youth living with HIV to treat themselves without spending money:

- Going for a nature walk. It’s been shown that nature helps to reset our brains.

- Try to stick to a regular routine. Going to sleep on a regular schedule will allow your body’s internal clock to reset and keeps your brain healthy.

- Turning your phone on night mode. This will allow less glare and dim the light on your phone to allow your mind to have less stimuli. In some cases, it will also keep notifications from showing up making you less likely to check your phone.

- Do something you love or enjoy. Taking time out for yourself to do something that you enjoy helps relieve stress. It’s okay to say no!

- Write in a journal - Writing can be quite cathartic. It allows you to get your emotions out onto a piece of paper.

- Try to stay positive - Use more positive language throughout the day. Even write positive things on sticky notes to promote more self-love and acceptance.