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Internet Resources

As of 6/1/2022, this is a legacy research website and is not actively curated. Please check back in the first quarter of 2023 when the new cycle of the ATN is launched.


The following section consists of websites with trans*-focused content:


Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health:

Resources include both Canadian and International guidelines and publications.


Center of Excellence for Transgender Health:


Gender Spectrum:

Includes resources related to school, medical and mental health, social services, legal, and athletics.


National LGBT Health Education Center:


Trans Youth Family Allies:

Resources for parents, educators, healthcare practitioners, and youth.


World Professional Association for Transgender Health:


Trans Youth Equality Foundation:


Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER):

TSER Website:

TSER Infographic Series:

TSER Definitions: 


Transgender Law Center:


The Sylvia Rivera Law Project:


Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund:


Non.binary Wiki Page:


Trans Lifeline: