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October 2, 2019 - New Publication: The Innovative Methods Used in ATN Studies

Sylvie Naar
       Sylvie Naar

An overview of the translational research designs used within the ATN is presented in a new publication, "Improving the Youth HIV Prevention and Care Cascades: Innovative Designs in the Adolescent Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions." The article was published in the journal AIDS Patient Care and STDs this month. 

"This article describes innovative methods utilized across ATN studies," Dr. Sylvie Naar, lead author and Scale It Up Principal Investigator, said. "The article places the ATN at the forefront of methods for translational behavioral science while increasing the rigor of the adolescent HIV research agenda."

"The current ATN research portfolio includes a wide array of innovative trials," Dr. Michael Hudgens, a study author and Principal Investigator at the ATN's Coordinating Center at UNC-Chapel Hill, said. "This paper presents an overview of the different trial designs being employed within the network which enable the ATN to efficiently and effectively improve the youth HIV prevention and care continua."

See the article's listing on PubMed here.


Other Recent Publications with ATN Data

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