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September 28, 2020 - Video: Looking Forward to the 2020 Fall Virtual Meeting - Oct. 27-28

Our second-ever fully virtual full meeting for people across the ATN to have the opportunity to collaborate and share experiences in adolescent HIV prevention and care research is coming up soon. What are you looking forward to? See what people in the ATN had to say before the event.

A text transcript is below the video.

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Text Transcript:

2020 Fall ATN Virtual Meeting, October 27-28, 2020. What are you looking forward to at the meeting?

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Elijah Dean: (iTech) - "Now that we’re in Year 5 of the ATN, I’m looking forward to hearing more findings from all of the hard work and dedication our network has put into HIV research and how these findings can improve health outcomes for youth. Many of us haven’t seen each other face-to-face in a year, but I encourage attendees to take this opportunity to immerse themselves in the ATN’s work, connect with our speakers and panels, ask questions, and learn how we can advance the ways we go about HIV research for youth."

Nicole Blanton: (U24) - "At the 2020 ATN Fall Virtual meeting I am looking forward to presentations by several speakers from outside the network. In addition to these speakers, I am excited to participate in breakout sessions moderated by the ATN YEAH. They will be leading discussions on the impact of COVID on the community, recruitment and retention and other relevant topics."

Adriana Romero-Espinoza: (CARES) - "Hi all! I am really looking forward to our second virtual meeting this Fall. The nice thing about it being virtual is that it removes barriers that kept folks from attending in the past. Last year my entire team was able to attend and learn about other studies in the network. I encourage everyone to attend! This is a great opportunity to learn and make connections."

Seyram Butame: (Scale It Up) - "My name is Seyram A. Butame and I am a post-doc at Florida State University and affiliated with the Scale It Up U19. It has been an interesting experience transitioning from the in-person meetings to the virtual kind. A benefit, of course, is that the exchange of ideas comes at a lower cost, time-wise. However, not being in one place with my colleagues, co-researchers, and advocates of youth health and well-being, is disappointing. Nevertheless, I am excited about this virtual meeting and the chance to listen to the keynote address, which judging by history, have always been insightful and a reminder of why our collective work is important. And as always, the presentations from the individual U19s offer a chance to learn of emerging challenges unique to the Network, and of new approaches, and modalities employed by others. I hope to see you all virtually come October."

Cheyanne Ritz: (U24) - "Looking back on past meetings, I noticed that people shared common themes with me when I asked them what they found most valuable about the ATN full meeting. On an individual level, you said that these meetings are a chance to learn from each other, see teamwork in action, and find new ways to collaborate. We might assign these as strengths of in-person interactions, however, we still have these benefits within virtual meetings. The interaction is naturally different when not in person. Different, but possible. It’s remarkable to think about these differences: We’ll be on devices, looking at, listening to, and sharing with each other through screens. People will call in from across the country to share knowledge, ask questions, and connect with each other. I’m curious - what is your own goal for the meeting? Who will you meet for the first time during those two days, and what old friends will you engage with? See you online soon."

People featured in the video: Elijah Dean, MSW, Systems and Communications Manager, iTech, UNC - Chapel Hill; Nicole Blanton, Social/Clinical Research Assistant, U24 – UNC - Chapel Hill; Seyram Butame, PhD, MPH, Postdoctoral Associate, Scale It Up – Center for Translational Behavioral Science, Florida State University; Adriana Romero-Espinoza, MPH, Project Manager, CARES, UCLA; Cheyanne Ritz, MA, Public Communications, U24, UNC - Chapel Hill.

Visit for more about the event.

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