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Triggered, Escalating, Real-time Adherence (TERA) Intervention

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What is TERA?

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What is TERA?

Eighty-nine youth living with HIV from 8 ATN research sites were enrolled to ATN 152 (Triggered, Escalating Real-Time Adherence [TERA]). 

During the 48-week study, all participants received an electronic dose monitoring (EDM) device and Standard of Care for people living with HIV (regular check ups and bloodwork). 

Additionally, the 43 youth randomized to the intervention received 3 video-call coaching sessions and real-time, escalating adherence support by text and phone call for the first 12 weeks of their study participation.

Two medicine bottles. Each bottle has a ring of light around it. On one bottle, the light is off. On the other, the light glows blue.

The EDM bottle (above) used in TERA has a light ring towards the bottom of the bottle that glows blue an hour before a person’s dose time and turns off when the bottle is opened.  

TERA Coaches received real-time data reflecting when participant bottles were opened. This data was used to trigger adherence support.

TERA is a 12-week intervention. A TERA coach works with participants on lifespace activity (passions, family, religion, career, health/wellness, school, relationships, hopes) in your life; there are 3 coaching sessions; and dosing data over time is collected based on if a dose was taken on time, late, or missed. There is an electronic dose monitoring bottle (EDM). Real-time adherence support (timeline shown) 1. one hour before 2. dose time - "what's up?" 3. 1.5 hours later - "what's the plan?" 4. 1 hour later, coach follows up 5. 1 day later no response tree of actions taken (not shown in graphic)