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April 23, 2019 - Archive Update for DASH

Fifteen studies were recently added from Adolescent Medicine Trials for HIV/AIDS Interventions (ATN) to the NICHD Data and Specimen Hub (DASH) archive. The NICHD has made DASH the centralized resource to log and find NICHD-funded study data. Extramural and intramural investigators can use DASH accessed research data in accordance with the NIH Data Sharing Policy and the NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy.

All users can browse information about studies and data archived in DASH. Those who are interested in submitting or requesting study data must register for a free account. 

ATN Studies Newly Archived in NICHD Data and Specimen Hub (DASH):


Study Name Abbreviation
Correlates of HBV-Specific B Cell Memory Following Vaccination in HIV-Infected Adolescents and HIV-Uninfected Adolescents: A Substudy of ATN 024 and ATN 025 ATN 048
Population Genetics and Immune Response to Hepatitis B Vaccination in Adolescents: A Substudy of ATN 024 and ATN 025 ATN 052
Evaluation of an Intervention to Reduce Preventive Misconception in HIV Vaccine Trials ATN 076
Hepatitis B Vaccination in Youth at Adolescent Trials Network Sites: Effectiveness of Two Strategies and Evaluation of Tools to be Used in Future HIV Prevention Trials ATN 025
Feasibility of Using a Structured Daily Diary to Assess Mood, Stressful Events, Support, Substance Use, and Sexual Behavior in HIV-Positive Young Men who have Sex with Men ATN 112
A Randomized, Open-Label Trial of Three Hepatitis B Vaccination Schemas in HIV-Positive Youth ATN 024
Healthy Choices: Motivational Enhancement to Promote Health and Reduce Risk in HIV-Infected Youth ATN 004
Phase 2: A Secondary Prevention Empowerment Intervention for Young Women Living with HIV ATN 089
Integrated Treatment of Alcohol and/or Marijuana Abuse for HIV-Infected Youth-Phase I ATN 069
Project PrEPare-an Open Label Demonstration Project and Phase II Safety Study of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Use Among 15 to 17 Year Old Young Men Who Have Sex With Men (YMSM) in the United States ATN 113
Computer-Delivered Motivational Intervention to Prevent Adherence Problems Among Youth Newly Recommended for HIV Medications: Project MESA (Motivational Enhancement System for Adherence) ATN 072
Typology of Adherence in Adolescents: Phase II ATN 023B
Evaluation of HIV-Specific CD8+ T-Cell Responses and Escape Mutations as Explanations for the Observed Differences in Disease Progression Conferred by HLA Class I Alleles ATN 026
Adolescent Safer Sex Social Network Intervention ATN 032
A Pilot Study Using Cell Phone Interactions to Improve Medication Adherence in Adolescents Who Have Previously Failed Antiretroviral Therapy Due to Non-Adherence ATN 078