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May 25, 2018 - ATN Participation in the 22nd International AIDS Conference

Amsterdam hosts this year’s AIDS 2018 conference, the largest conference on a global health issue anywhere on earth. It will be held July 23-27, 2018 in Amsterdam, with up to 15,000 attendees. This year’s theme is “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges.” See below what ATN studies and data are being featured at this year’s event.

A bridge in Amsterdam
Photo of a bridge in Amsterdam

Posters accepted from the ATN CARES:

“Coaching: Leveraging Existing Evidence-based Interventions (EBI) to create a Scalable, Adaptable Implementation Model to Increase Uptake of the HIV Prevention Continuum among Youth”
Authors: D.M. Harris, E.M. Arnold, D. Swendeman, J. Fournier, S.E. Abdalian, M.J. Rotheram-Borus, the Adolescent Medicine Trials Network (ATN) CARES Team

“Gender disparities in lifetime and recent transactional sex among high-risk youth”
Authors: A.E. Fehrenbacher, D. Swendeman, Adolescent Medicine Trials Network (ATN) CARES Team

“Immune activation in ART-naïve youth (ages 12-24) with acute or established HIV and high-risk seronegative populations from LA and New Orleans ATN Cares: Preliminary results”
Authors: J. Dock, R. Cortado, T. Kerin, K. Mitchell, J. Fournier, L. Kozina, B. Andrews, E.M. Arnold, M.J. Rotheram-Borus, S.E. Abdalian, K. Nielsen-Saines, Y. Bryson

“Operationalizing and implementing the U.S. CDC's guidelines for youth: Will this stop new infections and improve health outcomes?”
Authors: M.J. Rotheram-Borus, M.I. Fernandez, K. Nielsen-Saines, D. Swendeman, S.J. Lee, S.E. Abadlian, E.M. Arnold, B. Kapogiannis

“Reaching the Hard-to-Reach: Strategies to Maximize Recruitment of Youth at Risk or Living with HIV, ATN CARES Project”
Authors: M. Koussa, S.J. Lee, L. Kozina, M.I. Fernandez, M.J. Rotheram-Borus, the Adolescent Medicine Trials Network (ATN) CARES Team

“Sexually transmitted infection prevalence among high-risk adolescents in Los Angeles and New Orleans: a comparison by HIV status”
Authors: C.L. Shannon, M. Koussa, S.J. Lee, M.J. Rotheram-Borus, J.D. Klausner

“Utilization of Weekly Short Message Service (SMS) Surveys to Identify Vulnerable Youth with Acute HIV Infection: ATN CARES Project”
Authors: S.J. Lee, M. Koussa, E. Almirol, W. Tang, D. Swendeman, M.J. Rotheram-Borus

Accepted abstracts from ATN iTech:

“Repurposed technology: the process of integrating location-based alerts into an HIV testing app for young MSM”
Authors: E. Marrow, K. Mayer, J. Dormitzer, L. Hightow-Weidman, P. Sullivan, K. Biello

“P3 (Prepared, Protected, emPowered): Feasibility and acceptability of a PrEP adherence app featuring peer-to-peer sharing, game-based elements and in-app adherence counseling”
Authors: S. LeGrand, K. Knudtson, K. Muessig, M. Dixon, A. McGee, J. Dormitzer, R. Jackson, E. Adam, L. Hightow-Weidman

“Innovative, Technology-drive Methodologies to Collect Qualitative Data among Youth”
Authors: L. Hightow-Weidman, S. LeGrand, K. Muessig, K. Soni, K. Knudtson, R. Stephenson


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