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ATN Modeling Core Summary

ATN Modeling Core Summary

Protocol number: ATN 161

Title of Study: Investing in the HIV care continuum: Model-based methods to translate ATN findings into policy recommendations

Project Leads: Anne M. Neilan, MD MPH and Andrea L. Ciaranello, MD MPH: Cost-effectiveness of Preventing AIDS Complications (CEPAC) research team, Medical Practice Evaluation Center, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Kunjal Patel, DSc MPH, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Protocol team members: Representation from U19s, Coordinating Center, Executive Committee

Project Description: The ATN Modeling Core uses data already collected through completed studies and ongoing ATN protocols to inform critical health policy recommendations for youth living with HIV.

The Modeling Core utilizes a detailed health policy model of HIV in adolescents and young adults, using a novel approach to microsimulation modeling of HIV disease progression, patterns of care, and treatment outcomes among youth living with HIV in the US. We use innovative statistical methods to populate the model with data about patterns of health care, HIV viral load trajectories, and antiretroviral therapy use, derived from completed studies within the ATN and other national research networks. The model is used to evaluate the potential clinical and economic impact of ATN trial interventions to support medication adherence, retention in care, and improved clinical outcomes for youth with HIV.

For further information: Please email Michael Hudgens, PhD, ATN Coordinating Center PI and cc Dr. Ciaranello and Dr. Neilan using the link below.

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