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ATN-YEAH Member Profile: JJ Jackson

"I currently work as a Medical Case Manager at a local safe space where my duties are to provide medical linkage and support services to newly diagnosed HIV positive youth, 13-23 years old, while also working with HIV positive youth to maintain their health and medical adherence." Read more in this interview with JJ Jackson, ATN National Community Advisory Board member.

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Network-wide Data Harmonization Detailed in New ATN Publication

Data ‘harmonization’ is a way to make information collection standardized, by collecting it in the same ways so it can later be compared and analyzed. The ATN recently developed a set of data harmonization guidelines to promote collection of the same type of data across different studies within the Network.

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Photo of Manny Segal
National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

"National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is on Thursday, February 7th.  To some people, it’s just another day; to other people it’s a day of hope, that one day, everyone will understand the impact of HIV/AIDS on African American communities, especially youth." Read the full editorial by ATN-YEAH member Manny Segal.

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ATN Forms Scientific Committee

A group of experienced scientific researchers have joined together to form the newly created ATN Scientific Committee (SC).

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ATN-YEAH Member Profile: Taylor Sherlock

Read about Taylor's life passion: working and supporting HIV and AIDS research in any way she can.

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Winter Break Closure Dates for ATN Coordinating Center

The ATN's Coordinating Center is housed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which will be closed for winter break December 24, 2018 - January 1, 2019. 

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