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2020 Spring ATN Virtual Meeting, April 15-16

Important: If you are looking for details about the upcoming Spring 2021, click here (April 28-29, 2021.)

This meeting has concluded. 

The 2020 Spring ATN Virtual Meeting took place virtually April 15-16, 2020.

See a video with highlights from the meeting - includes text transcript.

Click here for the agenda from this meeting. 

Presentation slides from this meeting can be found on the ATN secure website here.

Details on upcoming meetings (save the dates) can be found here.


Video Explaining the Virtual Meeting Format - "Together"

Press play to watch a video about the virtual meeting format. A text transcript is below.


Video Text Transcript

Betty: Hi, I’m Betty from the ATN Coordinating Center.

Sylvie: Hi everybody, this is Sylvie.

Cheyanne: Hi, I’m Cheyanne.

Sylvie: I’m the chair of the Executive Committee.

Cheyanne: I do public communications for ATN.

Betty: I know I’ve been in touch with many of you. We’ve been working together to plan the April 2020 meeting.

Cheyanne: In response to coronavirus or COVID 19, ---

Sylvie: We decided to keep the meeting and keep it virtual so we can all connect.

Cheyanne: With the priority to keep the ATN family safe.

Betty: We will be using the Zoom meeting platform, and we are working on a user friendly guide to send out to attendees. It will include instructions on how to attend a meeting remotely, as well as have information for presenters.

Cheyanne: Everything you need to connect.

Betty: If you have not done so already, please go to this link and register for the meeting. Registration is a way for us to reach you if we have any meeting updates. You can also find these updates on the ATN secure website so please make sure you have a login.

Sylvie: We are really looking forward to having this meeting and being able to connect with everyone and feel that community that we have together.

Betty: Together.

Cheyanne: Together.

Betty: ATN Coordinating Center is working hard to continue providing guidance and support throughout this challenging time.

Sylvie: We’re moving forward together.

Betty: These are extraordinary times.

Sylvie: …extraordinary times…

Cheyanne: But you are extraordinary people.

Betty: But you are extraordinary people.

Sylvie: We are an extraordinary community.

Cheyanne: For more information, we have some more links at the end of this video.

Sylvie: I wanted a chance to reach out to everyone, thank everyone in terms of how people are still moving forward and continuing to serve our community.

Cheyanne: I’m looking forward to seeing all of you online.

End of text transcript.

Text appearing at the end of the video:

ATN Virtual Spring Meeting, April 15-16, 2020

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