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April 26, 2018 - Intervention Pilot Begins Enrollment for Work2Prevent Study

Darnell Motley
Dr. Darnell Motley

Click here to watch a short video about Work 2 Prevent.

Enrollment opened for the Work2Prevent study in early April 2018. Recruitment is underway for participants age 16-24 who are young men who have sex with men or are young transgender women, who also identify as being Black and/or Latinx.

Work2Prevent is an employment skills intervention that is intended to increase job readiness, self-efficacy, and economic stability, in order to mitigate structure factors which create risk for HIV infection in these populations. Enrollment will continue through August of 2018.

“Work2Prevent is an opportunity for us to work toward stemming the impact of HIV by acknowledging the structural factors which underlie susceptibility," Darnell Motley, PhD, an investigator for the study and senior researcher based at the University of Chicago's Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health (Ci3), said. "We have long known that economic instability and financial vulnerability created a context wherein HIV infection was more likely. It’s our hope that Work2Prevent can be a step toward embracing a wider range of approaches to HIV prevention.”

The Final of Three Objectives

This intervention pilot phase of the Work2Prevent study is the third objective in a three-phase plan. The first objective, which is completed, was conducting focus groups and interviews with young Black and Latinx trans women and men who have sex with men, who were currently employed or were seeking employment. These focus groups and interviews helped plan the intervention’s design to better reflect the needs of the study population. Interviews were also conducted with LGBT-inclusive employers.

The second objective of the study, also completed, involved the creation of a community advisory board (CAB) (read more about CABs here) made up of members who represent the study’s target population, to help take findings from the focus groups and turn them into an educational foundation for the intervention pilot study. In this phase, members of the CAB were also asked to provide feedback on modules from the employment intervention as they were being adapted. This included reviewing materials from the employment intervention upon which Work2Prevent was modeled and reviewing content developed specifically for Work2Prevent.

The Pilot Study (Third Objective)

Work to Prevent Study LogoThe pilot study, which is the third and final objective that has just begun, involves recruiting 70 participants to take part in four workshops, led by members of the Work2Prevent team. Before the workshops, study participants will take a baseline survey and be screened for STIs.

The workshops apply findings from the first two objectives of the study to create a curriculum for participants that helps increase career readiness and related skills, as well as explore the ways that health (including sexual health) can impact and be impacted by employment. This curriculum will be piloted to test the acceptability and feasibility of the intervention. Participants will complete a follow-up survey at the conclusion of the fourth workshop. Eight months later, participants will return for a final survey and STI screening.

Work2Prevent’s Recruitment Site

Work2Prevent’s recruitment efforts are based at Ci3 at the University of Chicago. Ci3 is working with its established community relationships, and through liaisons in the community, to recruit 70 participants for the Work2Prevent study.

Interested in Participating?

If you are interested in being a participant in the study, please email